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Bear hunting

Ursus arctos

The brown bear is a protected species governed in compliance with the regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Culling quotas are set by a group of experts at the ministry in charge, who implements the action plan. For our hunting ground of 12,600ha of mountainous terrain, an annual quota of one to three brown bears is allocated. At our hunting grounds, the bear population is stable, as evidenced by the observations by hunters as well as tracks, and photo traps.

Hunting season:

from 16 October to 15 December and from 16 February to 15 May

Hunting method:

• From a watchtower

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Successful shooting requires many hours of observation from a high enclosed watchtower, setting up food, and inspecting tracks. The preparations for shooting brown bear sometimes take up to two months of daily visits to the hunting/feeding ground. Bear is hunted from a watchtower, which must be well sound- and heat insulated as bear hunting sometimes requires waiting all night long. The hunter (guest) must be well equipped with suitable clothing and footwear for bear hunting in the mountains. In winter, it is not uncommon for the temperatures in the mountains to drop by 25°C and falling below zero.

Adult brown bears can weigh up to 300kg. Bear is hunted using firearms with rifled bores with a minimum kinetic energy of 3,500J and a grain diameter of at least 7mm. In our experience, win. mag caliber 300 and 375 H&H proved to be the best choice. Bear is hunted in the moonlight accompanied by a professional hunting supervisor. Bear hunting requires professionalism and discipline from the customer.

Hunted bear that is wounded or missed is still charged for. In the event the bear is merely wounded, we will organize a search for the injured animal with a trained licensed bloodhound dog and a team of people. In our 25 years of experience, there have been cases where a hunt was completed after a grueling 15-20km chase as the bear is a large and strong animal (the king of the mountains).

The largest shot brown bear specimen at our hunting grounds reached a CIC score of 470.

Depending on the month of the hunt and the weather conditions, at least 5 hunting days are required to organize a brown bear hunt. When a guest signs up and books a brown bear hunt, it is common for us to invite them to observe the bear when it starts coming regularly to the feeding spot. We inform the customer what kind of bear it is so the customer is familiar with the expected CIC score.

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